Stones For Hunting? Yes, Our Ancestors Can!

Stones have many uses.

They are used as building and decorative elements, aggregates for concrete, components for industrial uses, lime burning, and ingredient for cement.

Most of us are aware of the conventional uses of stones.

A recent discovery proved a somewhat peculiar purpose for which stones were used.

Archeologists have unearthed artifacts that showed how our ancient ancestors used sharpened stones for hunting. That’s long before the human race has utilized modern hunting equipment like bows and arrows, shot guns and air rifles. Just visit Rifle Judge and you’ll be amazed at how far hunting technology have gone through the years.

Hunting during the Stone Age

Pre-historical evidence shows that humans started hunting large animals as early as 500,000 years ago. During this time, humans started to use stone spear tip. The earliest hunting tools that humans used were made of simple wooden sticks with sharpened end which turned them into spears.

Approximately 100,000 years ago, our ancestors learned how to make tools from indigenous materials. Stones, being the most widely available natural resource, were among the very first implements that humans learned to use. Very roughly chipped out or carved stones were attached into long sticks, turning them into more efficient hunting spears.

The sudden spurt in technology allowed the creation of more effective weapons and tools, such as throwing spears, axes and, later, the bow and arrow. From stones humans turned to better materials like ivory, bone, antler, and others.

Peculiar stone hunting tools

Aside from the more commonly used hunting tools, our ancestors also devised some peculiar stone tools for hunting. Spheroids that were discovered in South Africa are now believed to be used as projectile weapons for hunting. Previously, these artifacts were thought to be used as percussive tools for grinding, shaping and carving other materials. But recent studies suggest that their weights were able to produce optimal damage when thrown to their prey, rather than just being used for crafting other tools.

These early hunters were adept at disc throwing. They were able to hit their target with much precision even at a distance. It allowed the Stone Age hunters to hunt larger animals which they were unable to do so using their sticks and spears. But the precision of these spheroids never compared to the accuracy of modern air rifles. Many of which can be coupled with specialized scopes, like those you can find on this site: The spheroids served multiple uses in hunting. Aside from being a weapon, they were also very useful in butchering their games.

The Stone Age produced some of the most ingenious hunting tools that vital to the survival of our species. Truly this period of the human race can take pride in the sudden leap of knowledge. Turning stones into crude instruments is something unthinkable, especially for humans who have roamed the earth for a very long time as scavengers.

As we continue to uncover artifacts and learn about our history, we cannot help but admire how our species have developed tremendously through the years! It’s astonishing how early man has learned to use stone for a wide variety of purposes.